Doubles game

1.In a doubles game a team of two partners play opposite each other. The partners stand opposite each other. The first strike rights always remain at one side of the table. The players after every set change sides in a clockwise direction. The pucks are set up by partners after players have changed sides. 


2. Players endeavor to pocket not only their own but also partner's pucks.


3. Doubles game has the same rules as the singles game, except the case when the player directly hits the opponent's puck in to their blind zone. In a doubles game the penalty is a penalty puck.


4. The rulling about striking the opponent's puck into the blind zone applies only to the center zone.


5. Penalty pucks are put on the side opposite to the offending player. In a doubles game the penalty is inflicted on that player, who has the strike rights at the moment when the rules are violated.


6. Penalty pucks can be put on the table only after the pucks on the opposite side have been moved and the partners together have less than 16 pucks on the table.


7. Should the opening player pocket all 16 pucks on the first turn (his own and partner's), in the first series, the set is lost. In other cases all the players have the strike rights.


8. After the strike, one of the opponent's or the partner hands over the striker.


9. playing doubles, the partners may disscuss the situation without showing the position from which the strike should be made.

10. 30 second time limit applies to both partners.