Loss of set

A set is forfeited if the player commits one of the following offences:


a) With a direct stroke hits several of his pucks out of the blind zones.

b) During the game pushes the table, displacing one or several pucks.

c) Knowingly violates the game rules; crosses over to the other side of the table; disregards the referees' ruling to stop       the game and strikes and moves one or more pucks.

d) If the striker first touched one's puck in the blind zone and then one or more pucks moved.

e) Displaces several pucks with fingers, striker, or cue without making the strike.

f) Handing the opponent a striker intentionally places it at the side edge.

g) During the set, touches one or more of the pucks on the table, or takes them out of the pockets (except in cases             when there is no referee and the opponent has to place a penalty puck), or moves the last puck on the table.

h) Player who has no first hand rights, plays out of turn and makes the strike first. If this is found out only after the next         stroke. The set continues and result is valid. The player, who has the first strike rights, begins the next set.

i) During the set exchanges an undamaged cue or striker.

j) Doubles player who has no first strike rights makes the first strike.