Determining the first strike rights

1. In singles games the first strike rights are determined as follows:


a) Playing in a circular order, the players are determined by toss and a scheldue of games is made. The first player has the first strike rights and the second has the right to choose the side of the table and pucks.


b) Playing by single or double elimination systems, the first strike rights are determined by toss or as follows: in odd games the first strike rights belong to the first player, but in even games - to the second player.


2. In team competitions the first strike rights are determined by the competition rules.


3. In the doubles game the first strike rights are determined in the same way. One player from each team takes part in the toss. The pair that has won the first strikerights, chooses who is going to begin. They then choose the positions at the table. The opponents can change their order around the table after the first team has declared the determined order. In the decisive odd set the players, who do not have the first strike rights are again allowed to exchange places.


Result of the game.

 If one of the players has won in more that half of the sets, he is declared a winner and the game is discontinued. In game of even set numbers a draw is possible. The team competitions are discontinued if one of the teams has won majority of the games, unless the rules say that all games have to be played.