Singles game

1. In singles, two players take positions on the opposite sides of the table.


2. The number of sets is determined by the competition rules. After each set the players exchange places but the right to start the set stays on the same side.


3. A set is won by the player who first pockets all eight pucks  ( following all the rules in point 4 and 5 )


4. If a player pockets his as well as opponent's last pucks, the set is annulled and replayed. If a penalty is incurred while pocketing the last puck or the striker has crossed his own edge zone line, set is lost.


5. If the first player pockets all eight pucks in the first turn, the opponent is given the right to play. Should the opponent also succeed in pocketing all pucks in one turn, the set is replayed changing sides and the first strike rights. In the following set the first strike rights remain as agreed beforehand. If both players pocket all pucks in one turn, but after the last strike the striker in backslide crosses his own edge zone line, this player loses the set.


Note: if the first player, after pocketing all eight pucks, commits any breach of the rules (i.e moves the opponet's puck while handing over the striker), he immediatly incurs a penalty and loses the strike rights. 


6. If both players have pucks left only in blind zones and both miss them three times, the game is stopped and the set repayed. The first strike rights remain as agreed beforehand.